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Welcome to the "Kvapak" website.

Spatial positioning of books in the library or simply Locate a Book in Library

What is Kvapak?

"Kvapak" is an innovative software system (widget) for library web catalogs (iPAC). Used to show the position of books in the library. Developed for CROLIST in the Zadra Public Library in cooperation with Unibis, but It can easiliy be integrated into other software platforms. Author and developer of "Kvapak" is the programmer Josip Kalebić from Zadar.

What and who is it for?

After searching the library catalog (OPAC, iPAC), "Kvapak" provides visual information on the position of the required books on the shelves of the library. It serves customers, bur also less experienced informants and assistants for an independent orientation among the shelves. ‘Kvapak’ allows systemizing business inventory ...

How to obtain and maintain Kvapak?

The distribution of "Kvapak" is suppoorted by the Zadar Public Library. After the initial installation, the programm is maintained through simple visual administration tools.
For more information contact: ili

Unibis about Kvapak

"Unibis company as a leader in the automation business in Croatian libraries was and remains open to foreign cooperation and development and implementation of new software solutions that improve library management. Several years ago we recognized the efforts of the young programmers of Josip Kalebić Zadar and GKZD and to produce a program to the end user base in CROLIST GKZD in graphic illustrates the location of free copies on the shelves of libraries. Since CROLIST real-time updated information about borrowing visible on the Internet, which is a prerequisite for the application Kvapak, a Unibis is free with the necessary advice, facilitating the integration of KVAPAK system width GKZD CROLIST database. To all KVAPAK users, Unibis be free of charge to enable the integration of the maintenance under CROLIST contract." more on Unibis site

"Kvapak" at the Zadar Public Library

Try out how the program works at the Zadar Public Library. Kvapak at the Zadar Public Library

Croatian Library Association

No. 53, September 2011., KVaPaK in Zadar (Mladen Masar)
Croatian Library Association

Awards and Recognition

At the 24th competition for the best innovation of Dalmatia in the organization of society innovators "DIATUS" Split, Kvapak won first prize in the category of "Rationalization". Read more ... Gold Diploma in the category Rationalization, DIATUS Split

At the 9th ARCA 2011 International Innovation Exhibition, Kvapak won bronze award. Read more at Bronze award, Arca 2011


Kvapak, library book locating system, screenshot Kvapak, library book locating system, screenshot Kvapak, library book locating system, screenshot Kvapak, library book locating system, screenshot

Kvapak in the media

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